• Trestles - 6:45 pm
  • Tide rising to hi at 8 pm
  • Sky - clear with light haze - clouds on horizon
Tide was hi enough that the waves were breaking close to shore. Water was so clear I could see the rocks pass under my board as I surfed over them.

The first several waves were weak and only waist hi - as the sun got lower some unseen energy generated some outside sets that created some of the classi, open rights Trestles is known for. Soon enough - those sets disappeared and the tide killed it completely.
La Jolla Shores
8 am

The water was smooth and glassy for the better part of the session. As to the waves, each set brought with slow breaking rollers that broke with a hint of offshore spray. Although the waves started slow they certainly developed a hollow punch on approach to the shore.
La Jolla Shores
1 pm

I had to take advantage of the rare mid day combination of clear skies and light winds. Fun 3 ft waves were breaking either way with just enough steepness to allow for some speed and turns. The surf session at that time of day is just too gorgeous for words.
Pacific Beach
9 am
Tide dropping

The waves were soft and somewhat listless - perfect for my new 10 ft epoxy longboard. When the waves started to crumble with the onset of the onshore wind the big board was able to easily escape the whitewater and find the open face. The water is almost too warm for a 3/2. If the sun is out, it would definitely be best to go for the spring suit.

7:30 am
Tide rising to hi at 9:40

Started well south of the main peaks - found a wave machine producing lefts.

The machine shut down then we went north - had a good party wave going right with Dan. Finished the session with a nice long left.